Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Still if that dude eats all the turkey he'll WISH he had a helmet on.

It's almost Thanksgiving?!? It's true what they say, time really does move a lot faster when you're not in school. Well I don't know how many people really say that, but my coworker Lisa said it when I first started here, and she spoke the truth. Now she's on maternity leave. We'll see how THAT makes the time fly. Although if you ask me she really planned it right. Since her baby was born in October, she'll be at home until the holidays are over. Which is not to say that I'd trade places with her. I may have to scrounge for annual leave to get a week at Christmas, but Mike can tell me what he wants, or better yet get it himself, and I get 8 uninterrupted hours of sleep a night. That's what's known as looking on the bright side.

We're doing Thanksgiving at my mama's this year, and Mike's parents will be visiting family in Florida, and my mom's family hasn't been getting together for Thanksgiving lately, so it'll just be the 10 of us on my Dad's side. I'll be making several things, though we haven't divided up the menu yet so I don't know what those things will be. Macaroni and cheese? Broccoli casserole? Mashed potatoes and gravy? Pie? Regardless, it's a safe bet that I'll need seven or eight sticks of butter. And I'm thinking of making this bread because it looks easy and highly delicious. As for dessert, I've never been a pie fan, or cake for that matter, so I think I may also try to do a cheesecake. Caramel apple or this magnificent caramel toffee cheesecake that Mike and I had at our rehearsal dinner. Oh man, that thing was incredible. Mike and I fought over who got the last piece. So if I can manage not to sneak out of bed in the night to eat it all while he's asleep, I know it'll be a hit. Although the lady who made it warned me not to use the heath bar bits in the crust because they tend to burn and stick to the pan, so in case you plan to make one, you've been warned. Not to burn your pan, and also that it's the kind of dessert that causes people to turn on each other.

What's the food that your family fights for the last bite of? For us it's the deep-fried turkey and the cornbread casserole and the macaroni and cheese. And the desserts. This side of my family is definitely the eatin-est. My cousin Hunter plays football and the poor kid actaully struggles to consume ENOUGH calories to gain weight. And I think the rest of us feel so bad for him that we wind up eating more just so he doesn't feel like a pig. Our kindness is our greatest flaw. Or, maybe we hoard extra food because we don't want him to eat all our hard work and not even appreciate the fancy chocolate curls on top and maybe he is only sixteen and he does 'need' the calories, but would it kill him to pitch in and throw together a salad or at least buy some freaking artisan bread, I mean I'm not asking for some culinary masterpiece, since after all this is the same kid who asked his mom "do we have a microwave oven?" when he wanted to heat up his Totino's pizza rolls.

But that would make us rather petty. Probably it's just that we're so compassionate.


Erin said...

hahaha you and your cheesecake :)

we're hosting thanksgiving this year for my parents and brother and kevin's parents and brother (OMG) which means i need to learn how to cook a turkey. awesome.

my aunt does these amazing sweet potatoes (i don't like sweet potatoes usually, but these are amazing) that have so much butter nd brown sugar they taste like dessert. and they have pecans and dollops of raspberry jelly on top. sooooooooooo good. that's the thing we all fight over. well, my mom and i do.

Erin said...

i shall have to attempt that turkey recipe :) rachael ray's involves smearing butter under the skin of the turkey, and that's just too complicated for me. plus, ew, who wants to stick her hands under turkey skin?

Mrs. D said...

Mmm... cheesecake! That sounds so much better than pumpkin pie!

My husband's family fights over the last bite of Hubby's famous pumpkin bars. My family fights over the last bite of mom's goat-cheese-and-garlic mashed potatoes. Mmmmm. Can't wait for Thanksgiving!

June Gardens said...


Wanted to let you know you are doing a good deed with Erin on the West Coast! Not Terraplane. (see my blog for verification)