Thursday, April 8, 2010

I'm going to need to work on throwing a ball and making noises

I think this baby is a boy. People say your instinct is usually right, but I wouldn't really say I KNOW it's a boy or that I have secret mom instincts about it. I suspect it may be my brain's way of trying to gear me up for the possibility of not a girl, because I know absolutely nothing about little boys (circumwhat?), and their clothes bum me out. Erin and I have talked about this before. I feel like I've been to enough stores to have a pretty good idea what kinds of things are out there for boys. Sweet pastel-colored smocked jon-jons, and then onesies and shirts with cars, balls, tools, stripes, farm and sea and jungle animals, dinosaurs, monsters, nautical things, and "mommy's lil so-and-so." And that's about it. No skirts, no dresses, no ruffles or frills or pink or even purple. I know that this is a tiny tiny complaint, not the end of the world, some people have REAL problems, and hey, I can spend more money on my own clothes this way! But there's just something about a little yellow bathing suit with a tiny tu-tu sewed on, and you can't put your son in that. Can you?

So tell me what you (would or do) like about having boys. Also I am taking name suggestions, because currently my list reads like a bunch of last names. That end in -n. Names that end in -r are discouraged since our last name ends in -r also. We won't have the boy/girl ultrasound until the very end of May, so I've got a while to go before we know for sure, but I'm still trying to focus on the boy names and clothes and nursery designs in the mean time so as not to get my heart set on pink ruffly things. I absolutely won't be disappointed or sad if my baby is a boy, just to clarify. I don't have a preference for the baby itself; it's just that everything about boys is so new and foreign.

This week marks 100 days of pregnancy! So far I really have not felt pregnant, save for having to pee a lot more often. I haven't been sick at all, and I don't think I've gained any weight yet (or Mike is monkeying with the scale, and that would be all right), but the weight does seem to be distributed differently. My clothes fit a little tighter around the middle and it's harder to suck in my fat, but also I feel like maybe my love handles are being pulled forward, so I look a little worse from the front but a little better from behind. I get full a lot sooner, and between meals I have absolutely no appetite, whereas before I could pretty much always eat, so that's been difficult to get used to, though I wonder if that is how regular people feel all the time between their meals.

The thought of tomatoes turns my stomach and I don't ever want to see lasagna again, but other than that there haven't been any food aversions or noxious smells. I always want salty or tart things like fried or cheesy things and fruit and lemonade, but that was the case even before the pregnancy. So my diet hasn't been stellar, but certainly no worse than before. I try to get in lots of fruits to counteract all the veggies I'm not eating, since I'm not interested in bitter or earthy-tasting things like bell peppers or carrots or mushrooms or beans (unless they're covered in butter or cheese or dressing), or things that have a peanutty taste (which sadly includes Chick-fil-A chicken, since it's fried in peanut oil, but it's so salty and good going down that I eat it anyway). I haven't had any freaky dreams, but they all seem so REAL. Really vivid and like actual life. My aunt Pam had two dreams, before she knew I was pregnant, that I was having a baby girl, and she says she's always heard that the baby is the opposite of whatever you dream, so there's that. Really I think God knew what it was before I even existed, and no amount of Chinese lunar calendar studying or salty cravings or baby girl dreams or ballerina swimsuits is going to change that, so my prayers are mostly of the "help me find the best boy stuff and don't let me mess up our baby" variety. And of course I'm praying for a healthy baby. What's more important than that? Not ruffles, that's for certain.


Erin said...


Does the Chinese predictor thingy say you're having a boy or a girl?

This week's 16 and Pregnant was about a couple who was having TWINS. At 17. Can you even imagine?

M said...


Anonymous said...

A baby post!!

I always thought I was having a boy (we also had a highly supicious 12 week ultrasound), but in the two dreams I had about my baby, it was a girl. Go figure.

As far as boy clothes go, there really are some cute things available, but just not as much variety as there is with girls clothing. Also, I've replaced my adoration and longing for ruffle bottoms to character bottoms. I've found a lot of things with bear faces or little things that cover the butt that I think are too cute for boys. I think it probably helps that I like the stuff with tools, since Hubby is handy.

Glad to hear you're doing well, with limited morning sickness. Can't wait to hear more about the bambio, and of course, what you're up to!

I'm Erin. said...

I'm happy for you that you haven't had any morning sickness! It tops my list of reasons that I'm not having anymore.
We really wanted a girl with our first, but didn't find out the gender until she arrived.
Then I thought I wanted her to have a sister, but was pleasantly surprised to find out that number 2 was a boy.
Now I absolutely adore having a son. It is so different from a daughter, but just a ton of fun. Boys are just sweet in their own way. It's a very special mommy-son relationship.
I can't believe you kept your pregnancy a secret for so long! I wanted to wait to tell people, but needed a valid reason for carrying a trash can around the office with me.
Dang nausea.
I like a lot of last-name sounding names as well.
Grayson, Jameson, Weston
How about Henry?

cardiogirl said...

I cannot wait to find out what you have because I was *positive* I was having a boy the first time. Positive.

It was a girl.

The second time the pregnancy was so different I was sure it was a boy. (Note I went from positive to sure.)

That was a girl, too.

Th third time out we had an ultrasound because I was terrified it would be a boy and I'd have no idea what to do with him.

It was a girl too -- booyah! I don't like change.

So what does this have to do with you? Not much, except I can't wait to find out if your intuition is right.

Mine is dead wrong. Congrats on 100+ days!