Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Good eats

So here's a barbecue recipe. The easiest thing you can possibly make, with one sorta tedious step- shredding the meat and picking out the fat.

1 big ol' pork rump/butt roast or shoulder or something called shoulder butt. don't be put off.
1 big onion
apple juice to fill up the crock pot 3/4ths full
1 jar bbq sauce (plus more if you want to top your meat with it later)

Cut the onion into biggish rings. Lay half on the bottom of the crock pot. Rinse the meat, pat it dry, trim any big blobs of fat (or wait til it's cooked and tender, either way works). Salt and pepper it generously and plop it in the crock pot. Pour apple juice around it about 3/4ths full- not all the way to the top of the pot or it'll spill over. Top the roast with the other half of the onion rings. Turn the crock pot on high for about 6 hours (up to like 8 hours, or set the crock pot on low if you do it overnight). When time's up, take the roast out (careful, it's tender and breaky-aparty). Shred that mess and pick out any fat bits. You can use two forks, or the less dignified but more effective your own hands to do this. Empty the onions and juice from the crock pot, put the shredded meat back in and mix in a jar of bbq sauce. We only use mustard-based, but I have a friend who does half mustard-based and half ketchup-based sauce, and I suppose you could also do vinegar, or just throw in salsa or a bunch of green chiles to make taco pork. You can serve it right up, or I like to leave the crock pot on low or warm for another hour or two until mealtime. It makes awesome sandwiches, you can put it over rice, or just eat it by the forkful straight out of the crock pot. And that's all I've got for you today, but once you make it you'll see it's enough.

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