Tuesday, July 7, 2009

What do I, run places?

For the fourth, my parents and Emily and Mike and I went up to Mike's parents'. We had much tasty food and hung out at their pool all afternoon, and then we went up to Simpsonville for an outdoor symphony concert and fireworks display. It was really fun and enjoyable to be with our families. Said everyone in attendance. Boy do folks like to take their kids to outdoorsy summertime festivals. And it makes them all so HAPPY! And they are so cute when they dance! And find a cricket and put him in a bag with some grass and name him Silly and ask their dads to take pictures of Silly the cricket! It almost made me want to go home and dump a bunch of quarters in the Polly Pocket jar.

But only almost. Because shortly after Silly's photo shoot, I saw the funnel cake booth and desperately threw all my quarters at them instead. I couldn't believe they wanted five dollars for a funnel cake, but you better believe it was worth every penny. And now I'm going to run the whole way home to burn off all the calories!

Which, if you were to picture it, would make you laugh very hard if you know me at all.

Seriously, how does anyone ever stay in shape? Do they not KNOW about funnel cake?

Also this weekend I saw Away We Go, and at one point Jim makes Maya promise that she will love their daughter whether she is fat or skinny or short or tall or anything else so long as she is happy, and at that point I wondered whether it is awful of me to hope my children are skinny. But if they are I will probably just be jealous and feed them pies.


Anonymous said...

While I do heart funnel cakes (summer job at good old state fair to make ‘em!), I have to say that my favorite indulgence is the Dutch Letter. Ever had one? They are big almond flavored S-shaped pastries available in a Dutch community that was a big treat when I was younger. My parents come to visit me (I’m now in another state), and sometimes they’ll bring a box. My kids love them just as much as I used to and still do. Super delicious.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't Away We Go completely delightful? I mean, everything JKras does is completely delightful, but this was like...particularly so.

Anonymous said...

Oh this is hysterical! I especially like the part about feeding your skinny kids pies!

I firmly believe you should never run unless someone is chasing you (or, I suppose, unless you are chasing someone).

Erin said...

mmmmmmm, funnel cake (wipes drool)