Thursday, June 25, 2009

Home is where I'll be at!

1. Boy am I lazy. This applies not only to not blogging for a week and then copping out with a list, but also to the fact that I am deliberately not drinking enough water simply because the bathroom is too dang far away, and I have to stop by a coworker's office to let her know I'm going to the bathroom every time I have to go, because we're the only two who can answer the phones. I won't get into how we're also the only two gals, lest I start some kind of nasty rumor about sexism or some such. This is 2009!

2. My governor is a bit of a schmuck. And I'll tell you why. Utilizing an outline. Without the Roman numerals because I never really learned those so well.

A) He disappears for a week, and no one knows where, and he can't be reached by phone
1. He's got a wife and four boys
2. He's gone on Father's Day
B) Staffer says he's hiking in the Applachian
1. Senators, Representatives, and citizens freak out. "We can't get a hold of him if we need him! Who'll run our state further into the ground?!"
2. Staffer reports that governor will cut trip short to appease us
C) He wasn't in the Applachian! It was Argentina!
1. SO different
2. Oh no, I do not like where this is headed
D) Press Conference
1. He says sorry about all the travel-related fibbing
2. Oh yeah and about the affair

3. Who neglects her blog all week, comes up with a pathetic two-point list, and then darts out the door before quitting time because it's only logical that I should be GONE by 5:00 so that means I have to get to the car at 4:50, right? I do. Next week my boss(es) are all going on vacation, though, so I should have plenty of time to devote to updating this poor blog. And/or watching tv online. Do you have any favorite shows that are available online that I could maybe latch on to? Any blogs I can read through the archives of? Any sentences I can end in prepositions?


Anonymous said...

Frankly, I don't care that he had an affair. That's his business. And his wife's. And his sugar mama's. And his family's. But not really mine. I don't see it interfering with his ability to govern. Yes, it speaks to his lack of integrity, but what I think is HORRIBLE in this situation, is the fact that he lied to the entire nation about where he was. Soo, soo not cool.

Jamie said...

Fortunately my job hasn't blocked blogspot, so that's how I can still cut & paste...yeah, cut & paste my blog posts that I wrote home...away from work...

If only SYTYCD was available online...but maybe you can try Lie to Me or Fringe.

Anonymous said...

1. This cracked me up.

2. Summer is a great time to run out of work early.
a. And take days off.

3. I'm reeeeeeally into Lost right now. It's bad. I mean, it's AWESOME, but Tom having to call my name three times before he can get my attention is bad. If you're interested, shout me out and I'll tell you were I've been (gulp) downloading it.