Friday, September 18, 2009

That wrinkly shirt smells an awful lot like Pert Plus

Today I'm up in Clemson with Mike. I have Fridays off through September and he teaches on Friday mornings, so I've been riding up with him to 'keep him company on the drive', which we both accept as code for 'to get a kink in my neck from flopping over sideways in an attempt to sleep the whole time, while he listens to Bill Simmons podcasts. Because it isn't enough just to watch all the sports.

Later today we'll be going to Mike's parents' house and eventually to my cousin Hunter's football game, and tomorrow night we're seeing a play with Mike's parents. So last night before The Office, we packed up all our stuff so we wouldn't have to do anything but load up the car this morning. And that meant loading up all our bathroom things last night, which for me is always the most troubling aspect of packing. Along with wrinkles, but that's a discussion for another day. But packing up all those liquids is a real drag. And how are you supposed to pack a razor? I put it in carefully, and I don't just shove my hand in and blindly fish it out, but when I go to unpack my bathroom things from the skinny zipper pocket, my fingers almost always manage to meet the business end of those blades with horribly painful results.

Well. Last night, in a moment of clarity I feel sure was brought on by the cheese dip I ate at dinner, I developed a solution. It only works for razors with a detachable, replaceable blade, so if you use disposables you're on your own. But it's so simple! I just popped off the blade and put it in one of those tiny zip-loc bags that hold the extra buttons and thread when you buy a new sweater! Zip that heifer up and you've saved yourself hundreds of cents in Neosporin and band-aid expenses! How about ME, huh? I might wind up wearing a dress that's covered in shampoo, but I am done unpacking with a stinging, bandaged, unbendable, worthless index finger. And that's a win in my book.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE THAT. I am totally going to do it.

Also, the Office made me laugh so hard last night, although I have to say I am not a hundred percent on board with Baby Halpert.

Have fun this weekend!

Erin said...

I enjoy your creative post titles. My mind always blanks when it comes to the titles...

Jamie said...

I'm pretty glad you referred to a razor blade as a "heifer"!

Ziploc bags are my best friends when packing!

Christie said...

Sheer genius, I tell you. Will be copying this idea myself.

As to your question - did you mean the brown dress the baby was wearing in my pictures? If so, it's a baby gap sweater dress (and the devoting auntie that I am), I bought it for her. Would love one myself, too.

If you meant something else, can't help you. :-)

Erin said...

Hope your trip was fantabulous! Come back soon, I miss our insanely long emails!!! And also, I left you a present on my blog :)