Friday, October 2, 2009

Mine's Rebecca

Look what Erin gave me!
She thinks this place is fabulous! Thanks lady.
Now I'm supposed to list 5 current obsessions, so:
1) Cooking. When the weather gets like this, I just want to eat and eat. Last week I made pita chips (Mike helped a lot. Hot oil = scary!), chili, and some apple things that only required one stick of butter per apple. This week my mom and I made eggrolls. They were pretty easy and downright delicious, if a bit too salty. And we had strawberry shortcake, which wasn't so much made as assembled, but still. I am liking being in the kitchen and trying new recipes these days. Is Pioneer Woman an appropriate answer to the question "what do you want to be when you grow up?"
2) Arrested Development. I think it's hysterical. Have you seen it? Why did it end so soon? It can be a little raunchy, but it's so funny. My favorite part is when George Michael has a girlfriend named Ann(e?) who's so boring and plain that nobody can remember her or get her name right. The first 2 seasons are available on Hulu, and all 3 are available through Netflix, if you're interested. And evidently there's going to be a movie! I am excited.
3) This time of year. How can you love any three months more than October, November, and December? It's like walking around in a hug. That smells like cinnamon.
4) My hair. Sad but true. I'm no counting expert, but I'd estimate I lose anywhere from 900 to 4 million hairs every day. Is this normal? It can't be. New ones can't be growing in at the rate all my old ones are falling out. If this continues, I'm going to have five curls left on my head by the time I'm 25. (My friend Johnny is probably laughing at that image.) Do I change my hair routine? Use fewer products? Better ones? Stop pulling it up so much? Eat more Jell-O? What's the answer?! I do not wish to go bald.
5) Baby names. I've been keeping a list since I started working here last February, and it's up to about 100 names now. That means there are 90ish names on the list that I'll never get to use. Unless you want me to name your kids for you. How many middle names is too many? I went to daycare with a girl named Marley Anne Coutsous Rose, spell check on the Coutsous, and I thought her names were awesome. What's your middle name?


Anonymous said...

I don't have a middle name! I used to, but I always went by my first and middle names, so when I got married, and legally changed my name so I had a double first name. In the interest of not having the world's longest name, I dropped my maiden name, and now have only a first and last name.

Mary Craig said...

hmmm. baby names, you say. do you have news for us, my dear?

Jamie said...

I LOVE Arrested Development!! I cannot figure out why it was canceled. But a can only hope it will be as hilarious. Never nude. :)

Erin said...

I feel there are many things I need to address about this post...
1) I also want to be PW when I grow up. Only, I have less time than you to accomplish this. You're not even 25 yet?? I'm not sure we can be blog friends anymore.
2)I used to lose hair just like you describe and would stress over it as well. It seems to have slowed down over the last several years (with the exception of the normal postpartum hair loss). But just to be safe, have you had your thyroid levels checked? Mine were off, though probably not enough to have caused the hairs to vacate my head. But good news! I'm not bald yet.
3) I also have a baby name obsession, though when it came down to decision-time, Derek went 2 days without a name. I find it easier to name other people's babies.
4) Nicole

June Gardens said...

Michelle. Because 1965 called and wants it name back.