Friday, October 23, 2009

I'll do some real blogging soon so don't be mad okay

Five YouTube videos I will never ever tire of: Electric Feel, a MGMT song. Look at the colors! The clothes. The Country Bears. I freaking love this jungle dance world. Jose Gonzales covering a song called Heartbeats. So, so beautiful. So You Think You Can Dance routine with Kayla and Kupono from Season 5. I'm not sure about much but I can be sure of this: if it doesn't give you goosebumps you're dead inside. Louis Armstrong cover. This girl is amazing. Bon Iver and Sarah Siskind singing a song called Lovin's for Fools. This song is so incredible. Here's a cover of the song done by a different girl with an amazing voice.

So what gives you that feeling in your chest like your heart has filled up so full there's not even any more room for love in it?

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Jamie said...

I feel like that about this dance.

I got so emotional when I watched this for the first time. Fortunately I was alone so I didn't bother holding back! ha