Friday, January 8, 2010

Exercising in Winter: For when you want to be sweaty AND cold

This morning I woke up a little excited about the possibility of a two-hour delay for state government employees due to a forecasted "wintery mix," but when I turned on the tv, the meteorologist said there was barely even any rain, so "good news, the roads are clear and you should have a normal commute." Thanks so much Ken Aucoin, you faulty weather liason. It was such a letdown. Throw us a bone, weather gods! It hasn't snowed since that one night last January, and even then it wasn't enough to stick. Living in South Carolina certainly has its perks, but winter here is generally a dull, snowless affair. We're lucky to get one "snow" a year, and I can pretty well guarantee that no snowman has ever laid his charcoal eyes on the palmetto state. When Mike gets a job and we have to move away, one thing I'm praying for is that we go somewhere that gets some snow. (But not a lot, Lord; you know I'm not cut out for the bitter cold.)

Ultimately I guess it worked out in my favor, though, because tomorrow morning (forecasted high 42ยบ) I'm going walking with my mom and some of her coworkers who started a walking club. Evidently the man in charge is called First Sergeant Pelley. I'm hoping this means there'll be a whistle. I really don't mind walking, so it's super-easy exercise, and I like being out in the sunshine in the mornings, which is something I very rarely get to do. So I'm going to wear my thanks-for-interviewing-for-that-scholarship-and-accidentally-throwing-one-of-your-rings-across-the-room-while-doing-so-but-we've-chosen-some-actual-smart-people-instead Presbyterian College hoodie with the pouch pocket stuffed full of kleenex, and I'll be sporting my new sneakers that are meant to help correct my (apparent) tendancy to walk a little crooked. Something about my right leg going too far to the center...? I forget. But it's sure to be good cold fun, and Sergeant Pelley is even bringing hot water for everyone, so we can have cider or cocoa when the walk is over. Or maybe he plans to throw it on us to get us to move faster. I'm not clear on that.


Anonymous said...

I can't believe y'all didn't get a snow day! You must be hardier in the more northan part of the state. I remember when I was a freshman in high school, there was ice on one bridge in the northern part of our county, and school was cancelled for the entire county. Where I lived, it was 70 degrees.

Erin said...

Okay, we're going to need to hear the story about that interview.

We had 3 inches here this morning. Move to Virginia!!! ;)

Jamie said...

"faulty weather liason" - love this!

No snow for the OC - just a balmy 68 degrees in the shade :)

cardiogirl said...

I think you could jazz up the walking with the Marine Sergeant by singing some songs.

Here's a fun one from Full Metal Jacket, remember?

I don't want no teenage queen.
I just want my M-14.

If I die in the combat zone.
Box me up and ship me home.

Pin my medals upon my chest.
Tell my mom I've done my best.

You know, or something like that.