Friday, May 14, 2010

Underwhelming You Monthly, Edition May

You know how sometimes you can feel someone staring at you, but you pretend you don't notice because you don't want them to be staring at you and you don't want to talk to them? That is what I'm doing when you come see if I've written anything new in the last four weeks. So. I've been very busy.

This week is the halfway point in my pregnancy! No real news-worthy updates I don't think. I felt the baby move for the first time a couple of weeks ago after an employee appreciation lunch, and since then it's been pretty quiet. A few pokey movements that could be a baby or could just be my insides trying to digest all the nonsense I send down there. I've got an appointment on Thursday, but at my practice they make you wait until 22 weeks to do the big ultrasound, so this week's is just a regular check-up and I'll go back in 2 weeks for the important one (therefore we have not yet registered for anything). I'm starting to show, but in a way that sometimes looks like baby (I find dresses to be most flattering) and sometimes looks like a girl who refuses to buy clothes in a size up because she's in denial about how well everything is fitting (t-shirts and shorts, you are dead to me). My mama and I went to Target this weekend and I bought three of the same cotton skirt because they're extremely soft and comfortable, so if you actually see me in person or pictures for the next few months, you should expect to see a lot of outfit recycling. I have taken exactly 1 belly picture, back at 17 weeks, which in truth looks the same as if I'd taken it 18 weeks before that, but I will begin regular photographing this week since I feel like I have something to show. Don't let me forget!

Also this weekend my mama and I painted a room in her house. Initially the plan was for Mike to help (a lot), but he got sick and spent the weekend developing an addiction to nasal spray, so we did it without him. All weekend. We had planned to go to a baby thing at a convention center this weekend but couldn't fit it in with all the painting. So every time I look upon those walls, it'll be a sweet reminder of all the things I still don't know about babies. Really though, I feel decently equipped because I'm not that different from a baby in a lot of ways. Mostly I want to eat, sleep, and play, and I've been known to pitch a righteous fit when something doesn't go my way. The hard part is just that now Mike will have to deal with two of us. Boy is he in for it.

Lastly, I bought some Crocs. In my opinion, Crocs are rather ugly. Particularly the traditional ones with the big fat blob with holes all punched in it. To my eye, they look silly on anybody's feet. So I tried to fight it, but when Emily told me how much better her legs and feet feel after a day in Crocs than in regular shoes, I couldn't resist. I don't know if I have a dreadfully low pain threshold or an unusually vigorous walk/stance, but if I spend more than about fifteen minutes on my feet at a time, it hurts. After a day at the mall or any kind of event that requires a lot of standing or walking, or being on my feet in the kitchen cooking, it's like I'm walking on raw, bare bones. Really unpleasant. So I bit the bullet and ordered some Crocs. I've worn them once when I had to stand up for about 30 minutes and several times to cook, and I can't be sure if it's all the shoe or partly the shoe and partly my brain thinking I'm supposed to feel different, but I can tell a difference. So I am currently debating whether or not to get another pair. And that's about all I've got going on.


Anonymous said...

Ah Crocs, shoes of the Gods for pregnant women! I have a pair of fake Wal-Mart "crocs" I got several years ago that are covered in primer splotches, but they are so. stinkin. comfortable! Especially if your feet swell, or if they just poop out carrying all that extra weight around.

I can't believe your practice makes you wait so long! We found at 21 weeks, but there were people due the day before me who found out at 18 weeks! Those three weeks felt like an eternity! Can't wait to hear the big news and see pictures!!

I'm Erin. said...

I've never tried crocs, but they do look like they would be comfy. I think their website has some styles that aren't so... croc-like.

And you'll never be prepared for a new baby. I thought I would be since I was a pediatric nurse.
It's a learn-on-the-job orientation.

Can't wait to find out the gender of your little peanut!
Thanks for the update that I may or may not have guilted you into. ;)
Just a few more weeks until we'll be state-neighbors.

Erin said...

I have thought about caving and getting Crocs specifically for cooking. We've got this ceramic tile in our kitchen and after standing up making dinner, my lower back and kness KILL me. I've wondered if something like Crocs would help that (we've got a gel mat in the spot where I usually stand to chop things, but once I'm past the chopping stage, I need something on my feet to cushion me during the walking-around-the-kitchen parts of the process).