Sunday, October 17, 2010

And she smells yummy too

Hey don't be mad about how long it's been! Look at the squishy baby! This is our baby girl, Wynne Larue. She was born on the 4th and weighed 9 pounds 3.6 ounces (yeeouch!) and she is a precious ideal dream baby, except when she latches to nurse I nearly die of agony. I believe breastfeeding is important and special and I want to do whatever is best for my baby, but believe me when I say that I gave it everything I had, and for us, right now, it just is not going to work. So I'm pumping like a bandit and Wynne is getting breastmilk from bottles as well as formula from bottles and I no longer dread feedings or cry tears of fear and pain and despair onto her little punkin head. We are very, very happy, except it is misery being away from Mike and knowing all that he's missing and except for the times when I'm petrified that my supply is going to dwindle and dry up any minute now. But she really is the perfect baby. She sleeps like a dream and is so freakin cute that I don't even care that she likes to save up all her dirty diapers for the hours between midnight and 6am. Baby sneezes and baby hiccups are just about enough to do me in. And her little half-asleep baby smiles. Oh mah Lord.

Anyway this is about all I've got time for. Between feeding and pumping and washing and burping and holding and sleeping, my days are mighty packed. Full of love! It is weird and awesome having a baby girl.


Anonymous said...

I understand the pumping, washing, holding, burping and trying to find time to shower life. And, while exhausting, it is so much fun!

Glad you are feeling better and not dreading the feedings anymore, that's no fun. Are you taking anything to help keep your supply up? I took a crazy cocktail of herbal supplements that really helped for a while.

Also, Wynne is too cute!

Erin said...

Oh, Erin, she is just too precious.

I've also heard that a glass of dark beer daily can stimulate milk production. You know, if you're into dark beer. Apparently if you're safe to drive, you're safe to nurse, is what I hear.

I'm Erin. said...

yes, how could anyone be mad for a lack of posting when you present us with a squishy baby! :)

Hope all is going well!

I'm Erin. said...

You pronounce her name "win", right?

If it's pronounced like "winnie", then I would forever and ever sing her name. "Winnie La Rue" to the Winnie the Pooh sound. It makes me smile.