Thursday, April 2, 2009

I love you but those bread cubes are mine, heifer.

It's my birthday today! It's also my sister's birthday, on account of we're twins. But whether we're identical or fraternal is still up in the air, because apparently in 1986 the most reliable way to tell was some type of scale that ran from 0 to 20, and all they could tell our parents is that Emily and I scored an 11. It's a fool-proof scientific measurement they've worked up, isn't it?

Anyway. There is a picture of us from last summer. You can decide for yourself whether we are identical or fraternal. Just, you know, be sure to go about it scientifically.
And happy birthday to my beautiful hilarious sister! Whom I will see on Saturday for the most dramatic episode of Birthday Dinner ever. Cause we're goin to the Melting Pot, and those fondue forks are very stabby.


Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I'm no twin expert, but my grandma's an identical twin, and I say ya'll look enough alike to be identical!

Oh, and thanks for the vinegar tip -- it really is great for everything, huh?

Anonymous said...

My guess is fraternal. I found your blog through June Gardens (and her incredible wish list). Glad I did. ;o)