Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Now hiring. Will pay 2 rice cakes per idea.

This is a busy week at work. I have nothing interesting to say because I haven't been anywhere except my office and my bed. Today is Administrative Professionals Day, though, so if you have one, do something nice in honor of yours. If you are one, good job working like a dog to make your office run like it does. As best I can tell, it's often a thankless job. My mama is a secretary at a high school, and if that flaky principal and those self-absorbed assistant principals don't do something special for her and the others, well. I don't even know what. I don't even KNOW! That's meant to be threatening, for the record, and leave the consequences a mystery so as to insight fear and submission. Sometimes it's hard to convey emotion without a voice or face.

Friday is Mike's birthday. That is meant to be a dejected, Debbie Downer-style announcement. Because I have no present. I don't even have an idea for a present. A few weeks ago, I had a dream that I decided what to buy him for his birthday, and I woke up and realized it really was a good idea- a DVR for the bedroom tv. Awesome idea! And I never have meaningful or productive dreams. I was pumped. But I know nothing about technology. Do I go to Best Buy? Do I call the cable company? Do I pay for it up front, or every month, or both? How on earth do I set it up? Ultimately, I just had to tell Mike I had the idea, and he went out and got it. And added baseball channels. ::sigh:: And that appears to have been my one good idea for the month of April, because now I'm slap out.

And I've got to get busy working on all this work that keeps me so busy. I don't even have TIME to have an idea. I need a personal administrative professional.

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Anonymous said...

I'm celebrating Administrative Professionals Day (I am one) by not assisting anyone! My boss is out of town on his honeymoon! But actually, I am still assiting people. So really I guess I celebrated by eating half a donut.

I feel your gift pain. My brilliant Christmas gift idea for Hubby, a new flat screen TV, has become MY birthday present. Oh well, at least he's getting it eventually...