Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Boy did I love books where everyone went to summer camp

So tonight there is a sporting event in town. The 16th annual South Carolina Senators vs. South Carolina Representatives softball game. With free food! And maybe free booze! We are going to go, of course, and I will report back with what is sure to be an extensive injured reserve list. I don't know much about softball, and I don't know much about government, but I can guarantee that when the two are combined, a very good time is in store.

Meanwhile, please tell me about your favorite book(s) from childhood, or your siblings' or children's or nieces' or nephews' favorite books, or books your students loved, or books you like even now, and possibly tell me why you like(d) said book(s). Children's literature is my favorite, as I have said before, and I'm reading a great book now called The Mysterious Benedict Society, and I'm afraid it will soon be over and I'll be left with nothing. You can certainly tell me if your favorite books were something like The Hardy Boys or Nancy Drew or or something horrifically sad like Charlotte's Web or Old Yeller or Little Women, but I make no promises because I just am not one for the scary or the sad. Also if you like(d) Little House on the Prairie, talk to me about that, because I've never read those. Some part of me just feels like prairie life = boring. For the record, my favorite book as a kid varied depending on which Babysitters Club or Sweet Valley book I was reading.


Mike said...

Encyclopedia Brown
Something about kids that lived in a boxcar
A book about dinosaurs

Erin said...

Just now catching up and wanted to throw in my 2 cents:

-- The Phantom Tollbooth
-- Highly recommend the Little House books
-- The Saddle Club books were essentially the BSC but about girls who liked horses instead of girls who babysat
-- The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series (okay, I read them in college, not when I was a kid, but they're kids' books)