Saturday, August 8, 2009

But I do love the Allison Janney starfish

I'm sitting in the hotel room waiting for Mike to come back from a social function at an art museum. And I'm watching a show about these young girls who can see spirits and auras and communicate with ghosts and know when people are going to die. And that kind of stuff scares the crap out of me. I hate scary things. Once I see or hear something scary, I remember it when I'm going to the bathroom in the dark, or walking past a window at night, or when I'm home by myself. Sometimes after we watch Monk and Psych I make Mike stand right outside the bathroom door and talk to me the whole time I'm in there. And I haaaate when tv shows have special scary Halloween episodes. I don't want to be scared! But here I am, watching 9 year old girls talk about Freddie the spirit tapping on the window or that little boy Jacob who wants to play every time she goes to bed.

And do you know why I changed the channel to the ghost girls show? Because Finding Nemo is on and I can't stand the part at the beginning where everybody dies and Nemo's the only survivor and he has a gimpy fin. The only thing worse than scary stuff is sad stuff. That Nemo breaks my heart with his little fin working and flapping twice as hard as the normal-sized one. Wouldn't kids like a movie where some fish just swim around and eat snacks and nothing bad happens to anybody?

When Mike gets back, we are going out in search of dinner. So far we haven't had the best dining experiences. Nothing has been bad, but it's nothing we couldn't have at home, which I find disappointing. Maybe people in California just eat the same things for dinner that we do in South Carolina. Though from the number of girls I've seen in skinny jeans with wasitbands that I couldn't even fit one leg into, something tells me our diets can't have THAT much in common. Mike even found a Mexican restaurant online, and I was really excited about that, but it turns out they don't give you free chips and salsa! Talk about scary.

All right, I'm going to switch back to Nemo and try to avert my eyes whenever they show Nemo. Which, if you haven't seen the film, should make me some more dizzy, because (not to spoil it for you) that fishie is a critical part of the storyline.

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Erin said...

I hate the scary-movie type things too. I still can't walk into a kitchen at night without turning on a light b/c of that scene in The Sixth Sense where the screaming woman is slitting her wrists in the corner, and I am absolutely convinced that the scary lots-of-hair lady who comes out of the ceiling in The Grudge lives in my bathroom ceiling and is going to rip my face off if I have to pee in the middle of the night.

You'd think I'd stop watching scary movies. My scary movie intake has been severely lowered since I started dating Kevin, cuz he hates them. It's probably a good thing, if I'm still freaking out about a movie I saw back in high school.